Over 30 years of experience with a water-centred management model.
We are an engineering, construction and service-provider company focused on the Integrated Water Cycle with a clear commitment to international expansion.

Our strength

Arises from the vertical integration of all phases that bring added value, from the design and the engineering stages to the manufacturing, supply and execution of the components to the highest quality standards.

Water Cycle

The company has specialised in the integral execution of drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment plants.

Much more than water

We have strong expertise in the construction, renovation and complete restoration of buildings and hospitals, as well as in the humanizing of public spaces.

Constant growth

We have not stopped growing and evolving since the company was founded.
Espina in the world

International expansion

Its commitment to international expansion has led to company to establish subsidiaries in Uruguay, Panama, Ivory Coast and to execute projects and to provide supplies in several countries. Domestically, the company has executed projects across Spain. It has branches in Galicia, Castilla y León and Asturias.


Spain, Uruguay, Panama, Ivory Coast


Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Morocco, Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ecuador and Cuba.
We have been part of Grupo Valtalia since 2019